Our team of highly skilled welders can undertake any modifications to a chassis







The chassis are fitted with a strong subframe which is designed to support the body of your overlander

The craftsmen tasked with designing and fabricating the chassis sub frame are amongst the best in the business

They ensure that the construction of your vehicle meets the stringent requirements of the UK's vehicle testing agency


Using raw materials we can construct any metal structure or chassis that fits in our dedicated fabrication bay. These vary and can be anything from a 10ft trailer to a 40ft bespoke chassis.

High Standards

Carrying out all the processes of fabrication in house means we can make sure that only the best materials are used.

That allows us to keep our standards very high through out the entire fabrication process which results in the highest quality finishes.


We can build a choice of torsion free subframes depending on the level of off roading you have planned

Body Frame

The frame is built to ensure that it remains rigid and secure no matter where you go

Tail Lifts

We are well versed at building complicated rear and internal lifting systems (see video below)

Rear Lift

Our team can design and fabricate both external and internal rear tail lifts to accommodate bikes, quads and even small 4x4 ATV's.

This video shows our standard rear lift which holds either the spare wheel(s) or a bike.

It also provides some external storage space in the form small lockers.



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