The Build

The process from start to finish from design to construction and handover of the keys.







Carrying out all the processes of fabrication through our local specialists means we can make sure that only the best materials are used.

That allows us to keep our standards very high through out the entire fabrication process which results in the highest quality finishes.

The vehicles go through the planning stage, the subframe design and then the body build which takes into account..

  • Placement of doors and windows
  • Location of water and sewage tanks
  • Best use of space for given area
  • Incorporation of heating and air conditioning
  • Location of electrical outlets and equipment

The Process

Once a customer has made the decision to commit to a build slot then a deposit is taken and we immediately start to look for a suitable chassis in the case of a full build which we will then store until the build slot day arrives.

There are three simple stages and they are....

1: Chassis Selection

First thing to decide upon is the chassis and whether you want 4x4, 6x6 or 8x8 which is usually determined by the number of passengers.

2: Planning

This is the stage when we work together with you to plan the best layout for your habitation unit as well as what products you want to install i.e. type of cooker and fridge etc.

Once we have a plan in place we CAD the design out from which the build team then work.

3: The Build

 From the plans and with the chassis available the vehicle goes into the build phase working from the plans we have produced with the customer.

Once the build is complete the customer can then pick up their new overlander or we can deliver it anywhere in the world.

Options and choices

When we sit down to design the interior there are lots of options from big ticket items like cooking and refrigeration to the smaller details like USB charging points which are now an almost essential part of every build.

Rear Lift Option

Our team can design and fabricate both external and internal rear tail lifts to accommodate bikes, quads and even small 4x4 ATV's.

This video shows our standard rear lift which holds either the spare wheel(s) or a bike.

It also provides some external storage space in the form small lockers.



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