Fibreglass (GRP) Components

Being able to mould and create any shape has enabled our craftsmen to construct a wide number of bespoke parts. Using fibreglass the parts created are lightweight, durable and very strong.








Due to the versatility of fibreglass it is possible to produce lots of different parts and shapes.

These can range from the external body of a vehicle, bumpers etc to other items like sinks, shower trays, window frames. etc.

There are many that we can produce and the finished parts are extremely strong, lightweight with a modern look and feel.


In order to create any fibreglass part a master mould is made first.

This mould is essentially the shape of the part you want which is why its also known as a master plug.

Once the master mould is made it can be used over and over again which can cut down the cost of mass producing parts and also reduce installation times.


With our ultra modern CnC machines we can personalise GRP items  like this BV206 fuel tank.

It is a simple matter of inputting the design or wording in the computer and the machine accurately routes out the letters or pattern.

The plug shown in the above example is one which has been produced for a customer for the production of a demountable drop in body for the Toyota Hilux pickup as shown in the video opposite.


By using fibreglass parts it is possible to increase the turn-a-round of most jobs found in lots of conversions or production lines. Rather than installing multiple parts to fit sinks, showers, windows and counter units. We can create custom shaped moulds that encompass the different parts. Resulting in one single fibreglass part. Making installation quick and simple.

This is especially true if you are installing unit tops with sinks. We can create the whole unit top including the sink as one fibreglass mould. This can greatly reduce the time taken to instal everything. Its also a lot lighter, tougher and has a modern smooth finish.



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